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Marshland School.

11 Te Korari St,
Marshland 8083,
Christchurch, New Zealand.

Phone: (03) 385-2239

Important Message:
Latest updates, reminders, cancellations and urgent safety messages are just a text away.
We communicate via text message to parents
This is free for us and for you and it is imperative that you sign up for these texts, this is one of our main source of messages to parents.

NOTE: Unfortunately Vodafone do not support this service, so if you are a Vodafone customer,  please ask a fellow parent or family member to receive the texts and forward them onto you.

To sign up send the message
follow MarshlandSchool” to 8987 from your mobile phone.

You can stop this service at any time by texting “unfollow MarshlandSchool” to 8987.

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