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11 Te Korari Street, Marshland, Christchruch, NZ

Korimako Hub

Tui Hub

Marshland School  Te Rito Harakeke is both a primary and Intermediate school only 15 minutes (depending on traffic) from the centre of Christchurch. We have recently moved to our new site adjacent to the Prestons subdivision at 11 Te Korari Street. We have designed and built a beautiful new school that has children’s learning at its heart. We have brought our  caring family atmosphere and strong emphasis on both academic, sporting and cultural opportunities for our children with us to the new site.

We work to meet the needs of all our children regardless of where they are at academically or socially.  Our mission is ‘Success for Every Child”. We believe this creates a culture where everyone is a learner and feels comfortable. Children view making mistakes as an important part of learning and support each other on their learning journeys.  Our aim is to grow children who are able to thrive in an unknown constantly changing future as well rounded successful citizens.

Our roll is constantly growing as a result of all the new housing all around us. Our current roll is 335 and we expect to grow to around 500 students within the next few years.  Stage 2 of our school build begins in March 2016.

Marshland School offers extensive playing and sporting fields that include rugby, football and hockey fields along with an all-weather cricket pitch (coming in 2016).  We also have some great playground markings that encourage children’s imagination and ensure they have plenty to do when the playing fields are out of action in the winter months. Our grounds have been landscaped with beautiful rolling mounds and include 3 playgrounds including an old fashioned adventure playground with our old tractor. Future projects include a community garden, another rugby field and netball court.

Our Learning hubs include purpose built learning nooks where students can work by themselves, in pairs, small groups or as a whole group. They are linked by large Maker Spaces that have fully equipped kitchens and technology areas.

Each learning hub has a spread of two years. There are three teachers and a teacher aide to around 80 children within each learning hub. Each group with in the hub has a Home Group teacher (much like the old classroom teacher). This teacher is responsible for reporting to parents on progress, achievement and wellbeing of the children within their group.

Technology plays a big part in our teaching and learning programmes. We are well resourced but also run a Bring Your Own Device programme from Years 5 – 8.  We run a mixed platform of I-Pads (in Years 1 – 4) and Chrome Books (in Years 5 – 8) believing that children need to experience a range of different digital devices.

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