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What the SCG is all about:

The Marshland School Community Group is made up of a group of enthusiastic parents whose main aim is to raise money for school equipment and educational resources.

Previously it was called the PTC (Parent Teacher Council). We thought it sensible to change the name to reflect the fact that we are a School community group who run meetings that can be attended by anyone as frequently or infrequently as they so wish. This means that you do not need to be on a committee or have a designated job, but can attend any of our meetings and put your suggestions forward in a very casual and friendly environment.

We meet casually once a term to arrange our up and coming activities and fund raising events. Our more common fund raisers are sausages sizzles, mufti days, discos, wacky hair days, and the occasional raffle.

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child at Marshland School, please feel free to join our next meeting and meet our fun group of parents with the best interests of the school at heart. If you check with the school office, they will advise you of the next meeting.

Marshland School Coffee Group

4th May 2016 Meeting

Present:  Jacqui Pascoe (Principal), Lou Kidd (Staff Rep) Lena Mercer (Tui), Paula Revell (Pukeko/Korimako), Fiona Barker (Pukeko), Lorraine Walker (Toroa),

Apologies: Jenny Cowles(Tui), Carolyn Reeves (Toroa & Korimako), Mel Mather (Tui/Pukeko), Shayla Manson (Pukeko Nest), Rachel Hart (Korimako & Pukeko), Nicola Kinsman (Tui & Pukeko).


  • Finances
  • Hangi
  • Fun Run
  • Coffee Lady – Anna
  • Parent Meetings
  • Hiring the Grounds
  • Disco
  • Mufti Day – Reeves Family
  • Summer Fayre
  • Electronics Kits
  • Buddy Seat

Needs within the school:


  • $2941.20 made for school, from chocolates and disco.
  • Forecast to make $2200 from hangi.
  • Entertainment books – done online – last year made $1737 entertainment books, beanies $253, disco $527.
  • Jacqui has contacted Hayley regards beanie fundraiser.
  • Chocolate money was slow to come in.
  • Parents approved money to be used to purchase ipads for senior school.
  • Jacqui to contact suppliers regarding ipad price. Lorraine to combine her need for ipads with schools to get a better discount.


  • Lena – needs someone to sell chocolates, water, glow sticks on hangi night.  Jacqui agreed to man the stall.
  • So far only four stalls booked. The hole to be dug this Saturday. AT Fencing donated fencing to go around the hole. Lena has enough supplies for hangi making. Meals served individually in tin foil. Couplands donated 20 loaves bread. Flexitubs – Lena needs a few to use for vegetables. Kids to help peel the vegetables for the hangi. It will take about three hours to peel and prepare veg. Boys to go and learn about building a hangi, girls in the kitchen to learn how to prepare. Fire to be lit at 9.30am for a 5.30pm lift. Food goes in 1.30pm. Harris boys to do karakia kai. Raewood Fresh have donated all the food – Lena to buy flowers for her mum and Steph, and beer for her dad and Pete, and a basket for Pete and Steph to be presented on the night. Will have music playing from 5.15pm through PA system. Lena has been approached by people wanted to do a sausage sizzle on the night, it was agreed that this is not feasible. We are not allowed to donate wasted food to the homeless as it will go cold and is a health issue.

Fun Run:

  • Fiona has spoken to the council and we do need to do a traffic management plan. Fiona to ask Jean Pearce regarding traffic management as husband may be able to help. Paula knows a few STMS, and they usually pay them $200. The fun run is to go around the subdivision, 1k, 5k, 10k, car boot sale, bouncy castle. Christchurch bull breeds to do kissing booth. Saturday 19th November.

Coffee Lady – Anna

  • Jacqui to ask coffee lady regarding coming to sell coffee at hangi night, also regarding her donation to school. Lena knows someone if Anna can’t make it who will donate 50c per cup. Suggest using Anna for all events.

Parent Meetings

  • Lena proposed moving the meetings from once a term, to once a month. Proposed first Wednesday of each month for future.

Hiring the Grounds

  • Paula asked whether the school can hire out the grounds. There may be some damage to the grass to consider. Paula would like to organise a cycle event. Jacqui will think about a price and check viability. Jacqui mentioned we have no toilets outside, so they would have to hire the toilets.


  • Lena proposed another disco for term three and include a sausage sizzle.

Mufti Day – Reeves Family

  • Jacqui proposed having a mufti day to fundraise for Sean and Emily’s trampolining – representing NZ. Jacqui to talk to staff and hold in next couple of weeks.

Summer Fayre

  • No summer fair this year, we will look at it next year.

Electronics Kits

  • Fiona’s husband can provide support to teachers on how to use electronics.

Buddy Seat

  • Mike Canton makes furniture, could approach him. Put feelers out for a donation of a buddy seat.


Term 1 Events:

  • Easter Funbox Fundraiser (Carolyn Reeves will coordinate) Every child will have a box to sell unless parents have indicated otherwise.
  • Jenny will contact office to advertise the easy covers for books. Money goes to the school.
  • Senior Leaders fundraiser for a charity of their choice.
  • School Disco – March 18th Friday. (Lena to organise and forward information. Water, lolly bags, chips, Easter Funboxes, glow sticks etc. Brendon Cowles will organise the music for the Senior disco. 6-7 Pukeko & Tui. 7:30 – 9 Korimako & Toroa. Money collected at the door.)
  • Lena will organise a disco meeting a week before the disco.

Term 2 Events:

  •  Senior Leaders fundraiser for a charity of their choice
  • Hangi evening. $10 (Lena Mercer to forward organisation and information) 13th May. Kapahaka
  • Entertainment books (Carolyn Reeves to forward organisation and information)
  • Beanies
  • Mufti day – Reeves

Term 3 Events:

  • Senior Leaders fundraiser for a charity of their choice
  • Quiz night $10 per person or $20 a group (Jenny to forward organsiation and information)
  • School Movie night to be run and organised by Toroa (Caro?)

Term 4 Events:

  • School teatowels – Christmas (Lorraine Walker to organise through the office)
  • Carboot sale (Lorraine to forward information)
  • Abacus diaries, notebooks, calendars, Christmas cards and mouse pads (Nicola to organise through the office) – Christmas
  • Family Fun Run event (Fiona to forward organisation and information) – Saturday 19th November

Next Meeting:    Wednesday 1st June – 7pm

Fundraising ideas to consider for our school

  • Friendship corner/seat.
  • 3D printer
  • Green screen
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